Learn how to master yourself, one breath, one thought at a time


#1  Find a comfortable position. 
We meditate with our brains, not with our bodies, so choose what works for you – you do not need to be seated in lotus pose to achieve nirvana.

#2  Breathe in and breathe out through your nose. 
(Unless you have a cold as the blockage can be quite distracting, so in that case breathe through your mouth.)  Observe your breath.

#3  Enjoy having a date with yourself. 
Give yourself permission to be present in that time – it’s yours. Treasure it.

#4  Be gentle with your brain
When your mind wanders, that’s totally cool. Don’t give up or think ‘I can’t do this’; be gentle and kind to your active brain and simply return to focusing on your breathing.

#5  Enjoy the ride and accept the ups and downs of the journey
There is always a light at the end of the tunnel; if you can’t see it yet it’s because you haven’t reached your final destination. You’ll get there.



Compassion is cool. Kindness is key. Peace is all we need
— Natalia Bojanic