Retreat Review: Vajrasana

Fancy a fancy place to get in touch with your Inner-Buddha?

©Will Scott Photography

©Will Scott Photography

I suggest a weekend retreat in Suffolk, organised by the London Buddhist Centre. Vajrasana is described by Guardian as a “magnificent, modern Buddhist haven”

Less than 3 hours away from London, it is a great opportunity for a timeless weekend. Switch off your phone, disconnect from a busy world and see how magically time extends. 

Retreats are not a holiday or a escape. It’s the chance to experience the power of stillness and learn how to be more aware of every moment in your life.

When someone asks me where they can go to have time for themselves to decompress and feel at peace, I never feel comfortable recommending my kind of retreat settings as I understand that sharing a room with three spiders and having shower with a five litres bucket is not everyones cup of tea!

In addition, traveling to India or Nepal is not very practical for most people who are new to Meditation and Buddhism, that is why I am excited to share my new discovery.

If you are interested in spiritual practices, but feel put off by some weirdness, mysticism and lack of comfort often associated with some retreat  places, at Vajrasana you will feel at home.

©Will Scott Photography

©Will Scott Photography

The minimalistic award-wining architecture, designed by Walters & Cohen Architects and straight forward teachings will put your mind at easy. In addition the lovely LBC community will make you feel welcomed and cared for. It’s definitely a nice environment to develop of kind and compassionate mind.

Instead of spending another weekend where all you did was watching your favourite series and visiting your local pub, why not open your mind and give yourself some space for self-development?


Accommodation: pristine shared rooms, comfortable beds and fresh white cotton sheets. They have separate dorms for men and women and even if you come as a couple you won’t sleep together - giving your partner the opportunity to miss you!

Food: home-cooked, delicious and generous. Special mention to the dhal and sweet potato curry. Breakfast includes fresh porridge, with a wide variety of toppings, toast with organic jams and peanut butter, buffet of cereal, fresh fruit and many many teas.

Environment: simply stunning. Geometric courtyard, sparkling stupa and water garden well looked after by handsome sculpture of Buddha. The high-celling Shrine room (where we meditate and have most of the teachings) shines when sunlight comes through the small windows. 

Teachers: friendly and relatable. They have a very practical way of teaching and present Buddhism concepts in a gentle manner

People: for me it’s always the highlight of the experience. We were 60 in total, from different backgrounds, ages, meditation experience, but the common thread is the mindset of wishing to make a contribution towards a better world.

Cost: £190 including all food, accommodation and activities. Additional £40 for transportation both ways

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