Patrick Drake

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It gives me pause, perspective and power
— Thoughts on Meditation by P.D

When Patrick Drake is not cooking up a storm Hello Fresh or rocking in shining silver leggings in the middle of the desert he sits in stillness

Here he shares his experience:

"I get it: 'meditation', 'mindfulness' ... it all sounds a bit woo and dare I say it....effeminate. Maybe it needs a rebrand to get more men to try it. A name like 'BrainFit' perhaps?

Or maybe you just need to sit down and commit to a minute a day and see how it goes

That's what I did. Set myself the target of 5 short sessions a week. I learned khapalabati breathing (check it out on Youtube) and use it as my daily reset. •

My meditation wipes away all thought and let's me connect with the essence of who I am.The me that is stripped of all thought, chatter, negativity and stress. 

It gives me pause, perspective and power.

You want to feel all those things as well, right? Then get it done son!"


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